Thursday, 22 September 2016

If you will go outside today you will find everyone discussing about the attacks In Kashmir. Everyone is busy saying that what the fuck modi government is doing, they should allow Indian army to go to Pakistan and kill all those terrorists and after five minutes the topics is changed to India - New Zealand test match, upcoming movies, who came into the kapil Sharma show and then they will head to there home, they will Watch news channels n then they will abuse government and will. Do their prospective works.
At other side there is our government, our PM, CM, home minister traveling in AC cars and showing there angers by tweeting. Even when they go to meet the family of martyrs they take a cameraman with them to click there pictures so that they can upload it and we will believe that we have chosen the right minister . But what we don't understand is that for these ministers every national issue is a smart way to increase there vote bank and we are equally responsible for this act because we have choosen them. At the time of elections the Voters decide whom to vote either by taking money or by discussing the candidates with there friends.
When we are willing to buy a smartphone under rs. 10000 then we go to different shops, we surf on internet by typing " best smartphone under 10000 " but at the time of election we don't have time to. Research about those whom we want to handover the future of country and still blame them for everything.
After blaming ministers we blame news channels about not showing the news properly but one thing we forgot is that the trp's of a topic decide its future broadcasting and everyone knows who has better TRP " brutal attack in Kashmir " or "Salman Khan's new venture ".
It is easy to debate by sitting in AC, it is easy to question others even when we are doing less then them and that applies to me too because I am one of those who debate only two days on the topic of Kashmir but I am always ready to debate on the fight between arijit singh and salman khan that happened years ago.
So let's stop blaming others and let's do. Something to serve the country.
I don't know how to hold a gun, I don't know how army works,  how news channels, government works but all I know is how to write something which can give us a hope.
I am. Writing this because I am not sleeping and I want to everyone to wake up and do something.
I know someone will read this, someone will connect with it and someone will share it and someone will change  his/her way of thinking. :)

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